Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Nadine this is everyone, Everyone, this is Nadine.

Well, people have been showing up less, so I advertised on Janglo and in In Jerusalem (it's there every week - and they changed the title from "Bridge and Scrabble" to "Bridge, Scrabble and Games" :-) ). Wouldn't you know that NONE of my regulars came :-(, though I met a very nice new attendee, Nadine.

I got some callers didn't know what kind of a game club I meant by "Strategy Game Club". One caller knew all about the games, but professed that he didn't have time to attend.

Nadine was very brave, and despite some inexperience, stuck around for a game of Acquire with myself and my son, Saarya. She and I both scored within a few hundred dollars of each other at $32,000, my son had about $75,000 . Go figure. Anyway, a good show for a new player. We discussed a bit about the difference between Acquire and Scrabble when it comes to strategy.

Nadine, I hope to see you next week, again. The rest of you, let's have a good showing. If we can build up a strong group of regulars, I dream of someday having tournaments, conventions, buying games at discounts, etc...