Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Attendees: Yehuda, Ben, Moshe, Saarya, Yacov, Roy

Game 1: Moshe and Saarya played Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers. I had to finish a programming project :-( . Moshe is a relatively new player. Saarya won.

Game 2: Moshe and Saarya played Take 6 while I finished my project. Moshe won.

Game 3: While this was going on, I finished, and Ben showed up, so I introduced both of us to Lost Cities, using a home made deck. I'm sure there is a lot of strategy in there, but Ben ended up with a fist full of 2s and 4s, and I got all the 7s, 9s and 10s and bonuses. I won. I am sure we played it wrong. Time to look up the instructions on BGG...

Yup, we played it wrong. Next time...

Game 4: Roy showed up, and I introduced us all to David and Goliath, using the same home made deck we played Lost Cities with. Noone knew what was flying, but it really did turn out to be an interesting game, despite its simple components. Will have to play again. Moshe won this one.

OK, we played this slightly wrong, too, by having David take both his and Goliath's cards, instead of just Goliath's card. First time play is always exciting!

Game 5: Moshe left, and Yacov showed up, and what can you play with 5 players besides Puerto Rico, straight up? I did my usual, but for a 5 player game, I decided to take Sm Warehouse and Wharf, passing up Harbor since 5 players is a lot more chaotic, and shipping is less available. Ben and Saarya were close competition, especially once Saarya, on my right, took a coffee to bust my coffee monopoly. Ben got the first Tobacco trades. I did win, but it really is about the fun. A fun game, all around.

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Attendees: Yehuda, Ben, Nadine, Roy, Saarya (my son)

Game 1: I taught Ben how to Play Take 6, and promptly repeated my performance from the previous game session. That is: I handily won the first game, while he was wokring out how to play, and promptly lost the second game by a landslide. ust goes to show you ... uh, something.

(I forgot: Ben and I also played a few games of Pente)

Game 2: Nadine came, and so did Roy. I found Roy on BGG, and invited him a while ago, and he finaly made it over. Roy is already experienced, but Nadine is still a newcomer, so I decided on introducing her to Settlers, which, with the help of Saarya, she won. We played coastal (first settlement on the coast), but the board still managed to clog up almost immediately. It looked for a while like Roy might win, but Nadine/Saarya managed to block off part of the island for themselves, steal the Longest Road, and then handily win when everyone else was stuck with literally no space left to build. A fun and exciting game.

Next game Wed. Please email me beforehand if you will be showing up. As a side note, there (may be) will be a Diplomacy game this Thursday at the Jerusalem Diplomacy group. Email Alan Frazin ( for details if you want to try an older but classic strategy game.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

David and Avraham Klein showed up all evening, while Moshe, Yacov and Nadine each dropped by for one game.

We played:

Puerto Rico (regular)
A one GP tiebreaking victory of David Klein over me (still don't know how that happened).

Puerto Rico (random buildings from my expansion sets)
Yacov surpised us by finding the broken building, and successfully abusing it for the rest of the game. Congratulations!

Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers
Another surprise victory by David, even when I controlled my own 34 point meadow (how DID that happen!?!)

Cities and Knights of Catan
Once again, David trounced us, so quickly and so early, that we just abandoned the game (when Moshe showed up), declaring him the winner.

Magic, the Gathering
We played a strange three way battle, each having to kill both opponents. We used precostructed simple decks with dual colors. Amazingly enough, I won both games, even with the deck David claimed was "not his preference" :-)

Introducing "Take 6"
We played a few games from a home build deck of Take 6, described in my earlier mailing. Lots of frustration and brain burning, a rousing success. I easily took the first game, and then handily lost the second game by just as much (Avraham won, if I recall correctly).

Just to let you know, there are other game groups in Jerusalem, including a Diplomacy group, and a Go group which meets once a month. Of course, Scrabble and Bridge are both strategy games in their own way, and there are a lot of those groups in Jerusalem, playing all the time.

See you next week