Wednesday, November 12, 2003

David and Avraham Klein showed up all evening, while Moshe, Yacov and Nadine each dropped by for one game.

We played:

Puerto Rico (regular)
A one GP tiebreaking victory of David Klein over me (still don't know how that happened).

Puerto Rico (random buildings from my expansion sets)
Yacov surpised us by finding the broken building, and successfully abusing it for the rest of the game. Congratulations!

Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers
Another surprise victory by David, even when I controlled my own 34 point meadow (how DID that happen!?!)

Cities and Knights of Catan
Once again, David trounced us, so quickly and so early, that we just abandoned the game (when Moshe showed up), declaring him the winner.

Magic, the Gathering
We played a strange three way battle, each having to kill both opponents. We used precostructed simple decks with dual colors. Amazingly enough, I won both games, even with the deck David claimed was "not his preference" :-)

Introducing "Take 6"
We played a few games from a home build deck of Take 6, described in my earlier mailing. Lots of frustration and brain burning, a rousing success. I easily took the first game, and then handily lost the second game by just as much (Avraham won, if I recall correctly).

Just to let you know, there are other game groups in Jerusalem, including a Diplomacy group, and a Go group which meets once a month. Of course, Scrabble and Bridge are both strategy games in their own way, and there are a lot of those groups in Jerusalem, playing all the time.

See you next week

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