Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Attendees: Yehuda, Haim Frydman, Ben, Denya, Saarya, Tal, Nadine, Sharon

Ben brought his neighbor Genya (originally from Siberia) over for her first official night of games, and Haim, who had played with us before we became an official club, made his return.

David and Goliath
We started off with some David and Goliath to warm us up (Yehuda, Ben, Genya, Haim and Saarya). It was Haim and Genya's first time, so naturally Haim won, by a pretty close score. Another game had Ben winning by a pretty large margin. I think he had over 80 points, when the average score is about 30-50.

Puerto Rico
Next came the entree, a 5 player game of Puerto Rico, same players. I finally agree with Alex and Jim about 5 player PR being more prone to collusion, as Ben and Haim methodically aimed to take me down. Due to strange money supply, me only producing coffee and corn, and an unfortunate early shipment of coffee, I opted for an early Harbor which was huge, equally huge was the lack of money needed at the critical time necesary to buy the last big building, leaving me with no big buildings and Ben with 2. I still ended up with 44 shipping points, but only 12 building points, and he won by 1 point, 57 to 56.

Settlers of Catan
While we had been playing, Nadine and Sharon arrived, and they played Settlers with my daughter, Tal. They finished only a few minutes after we did, with a victory for Sharon: 3 cities, longest road and 2 hidden vp's.

Take 6
Everyone except Sharon, Nadine and Haim left, and it was getting late, so we went back to some light fare, introducing a few light games to those who hadn't played, yet. One game of Take 6 (very close, my win of 35 to 37, 37 and 41) and a last game of David and Goliath, also won by Haim.

Next week we will go to LotR, hopefully, and then game, or vice versa. See you then!

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