Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Attendees: Yehuda, Nadine, Sharon

Well, we almost didn't have a session, but at the last minure Nadine called and said she would come over if anyone else shows up. At 9:00, Sharon showed up, so Nadine came over and we had a simple and relaxing game of Settlers.

It was a very enjoyable, albeit long, experience, with room for building all over the place, and points handed out for road, army and developement. Nadine and Sharon both targetd me with the robber early on, so I lost some early developement, but when the robber did move, it seemed to attract the dice fairly consistently for all players. And except for a slew of early 9's, which gave all of us one resource, most the the rolls were unexceptional.

Thus, we all had a close game, and despite an early lead by Nadine, Sharon and I ended up neck and neck, until she took the victory the same round I would have (barring a 7 being rolled).

Anyway, I hope to see the lot of you next week, and if anyone is up for a longer game during channukah, let me know. I think we will make it a half day, especially if my games get here by then. I think they are held up by the strike in meches.

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