Thursday, February 21, 2008

February 20, 2008

Participants: Daniel, Cigal, Yitzhak, Gili, Binyamin, David, Nadine

[Nadine wrote this report, as Jon is in Canada. Game night was at Nadine's. Cigal is the same Sigal from previous weeks, but Nadine's spelling of the name; I don't know which is right. -J]

A visitor who is going back to the states next week after 6 mo. in Israel came -
Daniel, a grad student in Astronomy at the Univ. of Texas, Austin.


Daniel 10, Yitzhak 5, Nadine 4 Gili 1, Cigal -1

[This is a filler game that Nadine received from her Secret Santa. It's quick and light, and pretty decent. -J]

Started with Daniel, then started over with Cigal and Gili, then added Yitzhak after a few rounds.

Notre Dame

Gili 61, Yitzhak 49, Cigal 31

[No info provided. -J]

Nadine 71, David 62, Binyamin 37

Binyamin pointed out that the carriage markers are face up, which changes things. [I must look this up in the rules. -J] I accidentally took two blues so gave up the extra two points at the end, it's unlikely it would have had any other effect but it's bad not to notice. I was in Notre Dame on my own in the last round because they got the card early and weren't ready for it. David lost a lot to rats, Binyamin also.

David 61, Nadine 57, Binyamin 55

A much closer game. Fewer rats, a lot of people in Notre Dame. David got almost all the carriage markers.

Tower of Babel

Binyamin with David 85, Daniel 75, Nadine 64

[No info provided. -J]

Puerto Rico

Yitzhak 48, Cigal 42, Daniel 36, Gili 33

Daniel had played San Juan but not Puerto Rico. Cigal's played neither, she said Yitzhak helped her. Three replacements: Storehouse, Trading Post and Small Wharf, from the new set from my Secret Santa. One of my Factories seems to be missing, and a Coffee.

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